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Knights Estates is a family owned and operated business and has been part of the Sales and Lettings industry since 1965. We have an extensive portfolio of rental properties and we also represent a large number of landlords with rental properties throughout the region. In building our portfolio of rental properties the Knights family has been buying and selling property since the early days of mortgages back in the 1920’s and so our experience in both sales and lettings is extensive. Our head offices are located in central Lowestoft where we have a team of experienced property specialists, with over 100 years accumulative experience in the property industry.

A bit of History…

The history of Knights Estates goes back a very long way, all the way to before the second world war in fact! The company was originally a builders called G. Knights and Son (Builders) Ltd. G. Knights and Son was started by George Knights in the 1920’s and they were a well-respected building firm in the town. Alongside the building side of things the company began increasing their portfolio of rental properties, at that point under the guidance of Albert Knights, George Knights’ son.

In 1965 G. Knights and Son (Lowestoft) Ltd was started and ran alongside the builders with the sole purpose of property management and lettings. The building firm closed its doors in the early 1980’s when large national company’s began dominating the building industry, making it difficult for local independents to compete. It was a sad day for a company that had built so many of the homes you see in the town today, however, by that time G. Knights and Son (Lowestoft) Ltd was already booming and property management and lettings was quickly establishing itself as the cornerstone of the business.

It was also in the early 1980’s that Albert Knights was approaching retirement and so Kevin Hillier, his son-in-law, came into the business and eventually took over the reins completely. Kevin successfully run the company single handily until his eldest son Colin joined the firm in 2004. Colin, now managing director, is responsible for the day to day running of the company and with Kevin all but retired, his youngest son Adam has also come on board to assist Colin with the management of the company for the foreseeable future.

G. Knights and Son (Lowestoft) Ltd, recently known as GKS Property and now returning to its roots as Knights Estates, has been in operation spanning four generations of the same family and that level of experience in the Lowestoft housing industry is unparalleled.

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